Focused, yet diversified in her musical interests, Jenna Kalista is a seasoned vocalist whose resolve and ambition are as unshakable as her powerful voice. Based in Los Angeles, Jenna is a concert singer whose electrifying vocal performances breathe life into the works of the great masters of classical music and opera while simultaneously bringing new life to the wold of folk and pop.

From her earliest years, Jenna has staunchly pursued vocal excellence, giving performances at such venues as Walt Disney Concert Hall and Carnegie Hall and touring Germany and Austria with various groups. During her time at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, Jenna was a prominent feature of the USC Chamber Opera and numerous USC Opera productions, singing under the instruction of Maestros James Conlon and Brent McMunn. She has shone brilliantly in a solo performance context as well, having won top prizes in a number of high-profile vocal performance competitions, including the National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition.

However, Bates’ sound has not remained confined to classical and operatic contexts. Over time, she has made forays into the worlds of musical theatre and folk, indie, and jazz style music. She released her first single, Phoenix, in July 2017, with more to come in 2018. Jenna’s sought-after versatility makes her a unique player in the Los Angeles music scene, having honed her voice through her classical training for whatever her future holds.

©Kevin Donnelly Photography

©Kevin Donnelly Photography

Aside from her solo career, Jenna has also performed with the following artists:

Chelsea Jade

Shane (iamnotshane)

Philly K.

Charlie Kramer

Noam Katz

Idina Menzel

Jason Robert Brown

Neil Berg

Guitar Center Commercial

Anna Schulze

One Hundred Paces

Bitter Blue